CLICK HERE - 6/14/10 Opposition to State's Motion for Modification of Judgment; Motion for Protection Order Preventing Disposal of Disputed Property Prior to Post Conviction Relief; and Motion for These to be Decided by the PCR Court (Haeg)

CLICK HERE - 6/4/10 Motion for Modification of Judgment (State)

CLICK HERE - 4/7/10 State's Reply to Defendant's Opposition to State's Motion to Dismiss

CLICK HERE - 3/26/10 Haeg's Opposition to Dismiss

CLICK HERE - 2/23/10 State's Motion to Dismiss (1.26MB)

CLICK HERE - 11/12/09 PCR Application
CLICK HERE - 11/12/09 PCR Memorandum
CLICK HERE - 11/12/09 PCR Exhibits (1.3MB)