IMPORTANT:  This website was started because of overwhelming evidence of systemic corruption within Alaska's judicial system - involving judges, attorneys, law enforcement, & others - all to manufacture fraudulent judgments and illegally pocket the life savings of families & businesses. This conspiracy includes threatening honest attorneys trying to stop this. Evidence also shows Marla Greenstein – the only investigator of Alaskan judges since 1989 - is falsifying official judge investigations to cover up.  This site is a "Must See" for all concerned with public corruption or dealing with Alaska's attorneys, judges, or law enforcement.  
    The Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct, Department of Law, & Bar Association, in an attempt to avoid a scandal that will likely eclipse anything ever seen before in the United States (a real-life “Pelican Brief”), are all currently covering up &/or delaying investigations.  
    Respected, long-time Alaskan attorney Dale Dolifka testified after reviewing the evidence: “Shade’s of Selma in the 60’s - where judges, sheriffs, & assigned lawyers were all in cahoots together…It’s absolute unadulterated self-bred corruption – & it will continue to get worse until the sleeping giant (you the public) wakes up & does something about it." 
    U.S. Department of Justice section chief Colton Seale states investigations into this have expanded rapidly & criminally implicated all involved, but law requires exhausting state remedies before DOJ may prosecute – explaining the cover up/delay by ACJC, Bar, etc. 
   Grand jury investigations into this have been illegally shut down by the same government officials the grand jury wanted to investigate.
   Pat Doyle, Anchorage Daily News president, states the evidence cannot be published until arrests are made – as until then those implicated will decide retaliatory lawsuits against ADN. Andrew Peterson - an attorney with Alaska Department of Law - is now offering to change corrupt judgments only if those harmed agree to give up the right to sue & expose those involved – more cover up.
   If you have ever pledged allegiance to our flag or constitution we respectfully ask that you honor your pledge by helping stop this incredibly evil, dangerous, & growing “domestic” enemy.



Skidmore Hearings - Audio
Sims Evidence - PDF
Short Evidentiary Hearing Excerpt - PDF
Greenstein Evidence - PDF

CLICK HERE - 4-8-19 Motion for Opportunity to Present Evidence to the Grand Jury.

CLICK HERE - 4-8-19 Ray Southwell Grand Jury Affidavit.

CLICK HERE - 2-21-19 Motion for Order to Compel Discovery.

CLICK HERE - 2-5-19 Supplement to 1-28/29-19 Evidentiary Hearing.

CLICK HERE - 1-28/29-19 Transcription of  Evidentiary Hearing Haeg v. State 3KN-10-01295CI.

                      1-28/29-19 Audio of Evidentiary Hearing Day 1-A; Day 1-B; Day 2-A; Day 2-B Haeg v. State 3KN-10-01295CI.

CLICK HERE- 2-16-18 The Wolf Brief. CLICK HERE - Supporting documents for "The Wolf Brief". 

CLICK HERE - 9-18-17 Order.

CLICK HERE - 6-14-17 Judge Huguelet Request for Reassignment.

CLICK HERE - 5-16-17 Judge Wells Request for Reassignment.

CLICK HERE - Evidentiary Hearing Caselaw.

CLICK HERE - 5-12-17 Status Hearing Outline.

CLICK HERE - 4-11-17 Judge Illsley Request for Reassignment.

CLICK HERE - 3-22-17 Order (Supreme Court).

CLICK HERE - 2-11-17 Petition for Hearing to Alaska Supreme Court.

CLICK HERE - Condensed proof of widespread corruption within Alaska's Judicial System.

CLICK HERE - Trial Map copy proving corruption.

CLICK HERE - 12-21-16 Court of Appeals Memorandum Opinion

CLICK HERE - 11-29-16 Attorney General and Representative Chenault letter.

(Part 1 & Part 21-21-16 KSRM Radio Sound Off Interview with David (audio - Window Media Player).

CLICK HERE - 1-13-16 Joe Miller Radio Interview with David (audio).

CLICK HERE - Youtube video of Oral Arguments held on May 20, 2014 .- Please read Important Update and Flyer.

CLICK HERE - 7-24-13 Appellant's (David Haeg's) Opening Brief "The Good Old Boys"  

CLICK HERE - 10-29-13 Appellee's (State's) Brief "The Other Side of the Story"  

CLICK HERE - 1-15-14 Appellant's (David Haeg's) Reply Brief "The Good Old Boys" 

3KN-10-0125 CI Files:  Record used in the filing of "The Good Old Boys" Opening Brief
File A-11349 as follows:
CLICK HERE - (pages 1-499)

CLICK HERE - (pages 500-999)

CLICK HERE - (pages 1000-1499)

CLICK HERE - (pages 1500-1999)

CLICK HERE - (pages 2000-2499)

CLICK HERE - (pages 2500-3034)

CLICK HERE - File A-11349C (confidential - Judge Joannides' certified evidence of judicial conduct investigator Marla Greenstein, Judge Margaret Murphy, and Trooper Brett Gibbens corruption and conspiracy)

CLICK HERE - A-11349-Supp. Paperwork (depositions of Arthur Robinson & Brent Cole)

4MC-04-00024 CR Files:

CLICK HERE - A-11349
CLICK HERE - A-11349-C (confidential)

CLICK HERE - A-11349-T

CLICK HERE - Map used at trial.

CLICK HERE - 2-7-12 Brent Cole Deposition.

CLICK HERE - 9-9-11 Arthur Robinson Deposition.

CLICK HERE - 3-19-12 PCR Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Memorandum.  (244 pages long - but proves, with the sworn testimony of Brent Cole & Chuck Robinson during their depositions, that the law firms of Marston & Cole and Robinson & Associates conspired with the State of Alaska to frame their own client).

NOTE:  It is very important everyone read Judge Joannides 8/27/10 referral & read the 12/22/10 Alaska Bar Association complaint against Attorney Greenstein.  Afterward if anyone also has concerns with Attorney Greenstein please file a similar complaint with the Bar. If anyone finds this interesting they should read the PCR Application and Memorandum - these led to the Department of Justice to actively facilitate meetings between David Haeg and Alaska's Attorney General to address the corruption - meetings the Attorney General refused to attend. 

CLICK HERE - 2-17-12 Letter to Governor Parnell concerning Judicial Conduct Investigator Marla Greenstein's corruption.

CLICK HERE - 1-27-12 Proof that Judicial Conduct Investigator Marla Greenstein is corrupt.

CLICK HERE - 1-17-12 Proof that Judge Bauman is falsifying affidavits & 1-23-12 Motion to Supplement Evidence that Judge Bauman be Disqualified for Cause (Corruption).

CLICK HERE - 1-17-12 Important PCR Update Email.

CLICK HERE - 1-13-12 Motion to Disqualify Judge Bauman for Cause (Corruption) and to Strike Judge Bauman's 1-3-12 Orders.

CLICK HERE - 1-12-12 Appeal of Illegal Modification of Judgment.

CLICK HERE - 1-3-12 Judge Bauman's Orders. 

CLICK HERE - 12-27-11 Important PCR Update Email.

CLICK HERE - 12-15-11 Motion for Immediate Hearings, Rulings, & Restart of Haeg's PCR Proceedings.

CLICK HERE - Court Docket - 3KN-10-01295CI In the Matter of: Haeg, David S vs. State of Alaska.

CLICK HERE - 7-8-11 Decision on Haeg Motion to Disqualify Attorney Maassen & on Judge Murphy Motion to Quash Her Deposition.

CLICK HERE - 7-7-11 Haeg's Opposition to Judge Murphy's Motion to Quash Subpoena or Alternately to Allow Telephonic Testimony & Motion this Court Consider & Decide Haeg's 8-22-10 Opposition to Peter Maassen Representing Anyone in this Proceeding or Case and 8-22-11 Opposition to Maassen's 8-18-10 Motion to Quash Subpoenas or Alternately to Allow Telephonic Testimony.

CLICK HERE - 7-6-11 Order Granting Expedited Consideration.

CLICK HERE - 7-5-11 Decision on Motion to Reinstate Master Guide License.

CLICK HERE - 3-25-11 Judge Joannides Order (Confirming August 27, 2010 Order, and Referring Materials to Judicial Conduct Commission for Review).

CLICK HERE - 2-4-11 Haeg's reply to Greenstein's response to Haeg's Alaska Bar Association Grievance Complaint.

CLICK HERE - 2-4-11 Recorded conversation with Chuck Robinson.

CLICK HERE - 1-21-11 - Marla Greenstein's "verified" response to Haeg's Alaska Bar Association Grievance Complaint.

CLICK HERE - 12-22-10 - Alaska Bar Association complaint that Investigator/Attorney Greenstein is using her position as the only investigator of judges in Alaska to falsify judicial investigations to cover up for corrupt judges.

CLICK HERE - 12-21-10 - Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct confirmation evidence regarding Judge Murphy's complaint is missing (when compared to the recordings of Investigator/Attorney Greenstein in Judge Joannides referral).

CLICK HERE - 12-16-10 - Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct confirmation of receipt of witness list for Judge Murphy complaint - proving the witnesses that Investigator/Attorney Greenstein claims to have contacted are the same that have sworn they were not contacted.

CLICK HERE - 12-8-10 Open letter to attorneys, documenting the Alaska Bar Association public meeting concerning Investigator/Attorney Marla Greenstein falsifying her official investigations to cover up for corrupt Alaskan judges.

CLICK HERE - 11-17-10 -  Transcription of Investigator/Attorney Greenstein - proof that Greenstein is claiming the Commission never received anything from Judge Joannides after Judge Joannides certified it was sent to the Commission.

CLICK HERE - 8-27-10 - Judge Joannides Referral to Investigator/Attorney Greenstein & the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct (Certifying evidence implicating Judge Murphy, Trooper Gibbens, & Attorney Greenstein in a conspiracy to cover up corrupt trials and sentences are being provided to Alaskan citizens.) 

CLICK HERE - 8-25-10 Judge Joannides Order Granting Request for Disqualification of Judge Murphy presiding over Haeg's post-conviction relief application due to impropriety of Judge Murphy.

CLICK HERE - 8-22-10 Opposition to Peter Maassen Representing Anyone in this Proceeding or Case and 8-22-1- Opposition to Maassen's 8-18-10 Motion to Quash Subpoenas or Alternately to Allow Telephonic Testimony.

CLICK HERE - Court filings leading to Judge Joannides referral to the Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct and to disqualifying Judge Murphy.

PCR SUBSTANTIVE BRIEFS from both Haeg and the State "Both Sides of the Story"

CLICK HERE - 4-7-10 State's Reply to Haeg's Opposition to State's Motion to Dismiss PCR Application.

CLICK HERE - 3-19-10 Haeg's Opposition to State's Motion to Dismiss Application for Post Conviction Relief

CLICK HERE - 2-23-10 State's Motion to Dismiss Haeg's PCR Application.

CLICK HERE - 11-12-09 PCR Application.
CLICK HERE - 11-12-09 PCR Memorandum
CLICK HERE - 11-12-09 PCR Exhibits

CLICK HERE - Court filings that evidence the State, to forfeit an airplane, is trying to illegally create a judgment against a corporation who was never notified, charged,  taken to trial, or found guilty.

11-11-09 - Letter to Big Game Commercial Services Board

11-11-09 - Email sent to Craig Medred

To see more court filings on this case go to Haeg v. State

David Haeg and support at Oral Arguments before the Alaska Supreme Court

Listen: Haeg v. State Oral Arguments - Windows Media Player
Alaska Court of Appeals

    A-09455 (Criminal Appeal) & A-10015 (Return of Property Appeal)
    Recorded: May 8, 2008 @ 1:30 p.m.

Read: Haeg v. State Oral Arguments

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